CD Program Development offers a convenient, professional service to GP clinics seeking to improve the way they manage care for chronic disease patients as well as health promotion activities. The benefits are far-reaching; for you, your staff and your community.

Our personalised, tailored, intentional chronic disease program and health promotion activities have resulted in:

  • 10,286 patient encounters
  • 102% average increase in revenue attributable to chronic disease management and health promotion activities
  • 53% increase in GP Management Plans
  • 70% increase in patients attending Review appointments
  • 39% increase in Health Assessments, and
  • 53% increase in Diabetes Cycle of Care

General Practices have ranged from solo GP clinics, to clinics supporting 20 GP’s across multiple sites with corporate ownership. These have all included collaboration with  any onsite allied health care professionals and represent practices across multiple states including Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.


Better patient outcomes

When a collaborative approach to managing patients is introduced, greater health options become available for chronic disease sufferers.

Work smarter, not harder

A tailored system of patient classification, staff training and regular reviews allows GP’s to establish a clear management path for patients.

Empower your team

Boost job satisfaction for your staff as they up-skill to handle essential patient management tasks.  Inspire your nurses to help patients self-manage chronic diseases for better health outcomes.

Tap your resources

With an optimised chronic disease management system in place your patient throughput will grow and your clinic will operate with greater efficiency.

A proven system

As an important initiative for your clinic, a 12 month  partnership will be established.  This time period is required to implement real change for long-term success.

Strengthen Business Performance

By enhancing your clinic’s capabilities, you’ll maximise the quality of patient care you provide.  With more patient visits for chronic disease management and health promotion your businesses financial health will also improve.

It’s win-win

For peace of mind; we only deliver a ‘win-win’ service.  If your clinic does not improve above and beyond an agreed baseline, there’s no fee for our service.

More time for life?

GP’s often bear the brunt of inflexible work hours.  We hope our services will enhance your work-life balance and make your clinic hours more rewarding.

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